Monday – Thursday: 1 lap 25 €

Friday – Sunday: 1 lap 30 €

Grand Prix track. 15 min stint 29 €

Season card: 1.900 €

The last entrance on the track is 15 minutes before closing time (Typical 19.15 for tourist driving)



– Nordschleife is a public one-way street.

– You need to have a driving license.

– The vehicle must be able to drive at least 60 km / h.

– All persons in the vehicle must wear seat belts.

– The vehicle must be taxed and have a mot.

– It’s not allowed to drive on any other types of plates. ONLY plates belonging to the vehicle.

– If you are from any other country than Germany, you must have your car registration and insurance papers in your vehicle.

– Only overtake on the left side.

– It’s not allowed to drift.

– It’s not allowed to drive in reverse gear or drive in the opposite direction.

– It’s not allowed to stop/park on the track unless it’s absolutely necessary or the vehicle is at risk to other drivers.

– Signs and flags from marshals must always be respected and observed.

– By yellow flag, the speed must be reduced significantly

– The vehicle must have a maximum noise level of 130 dB under full load.

– It’s not allowed to continue driving if the vehicle is leaking water, oil of any kind, or putting fuel on your car.

– In case of leakage, marshals should be called as soon as possible.

– Motorcyclists must always have lights and a full race suit.

– It’s not allowed to drive in some forms of queue or convoy. 

– In case of an accident, motor problems, or any other form of stopping, the hazard warning light must be turned on.

– It’s not allowed to have your friends or any other persons to toe your vehicle off the track

– In case of an accident the staff must be called on phone number nr +49 (0) 800 0302 112 and informs about what has happened, where it is on the track, and if some people have been injured.