Build: 1925 – 1927 (start September 25th 1925)
Official opening: 18/19 June 1927
Costs: 15 Million Reichsmark

Length: 20.832 km
Width: 10-14 m
Length from Bridge to Gantry: 19.1 km*

Corners: 73 (33 left, 40 right)
Rise: 17%
Fall: 11%

Lowest point: 320 meters above sea level
Highest point: 616,8 above sea level

Original length: 22.8 km Nordschleife + 7.7 km Südschleife = 28 km, (89 leftbends, 84 rigthbends). Südschleife was closed in 1964.
Formel 1 time: 1951-1976

*Bridge To Gantry is the distance a tourist driver normally would drive. the 19.1 km is the distance from where the entry and exit are. So it’s the distance is from the bridge is just after you drive into the track (Antoniusbuche), and then to the big sign across the track, where you exit the last left bend and go to the long side of the track (Dôttinger Höhe).