The world-famous Nordschleife is the main reason why we (my girlfriend, son, and I) gladly drive around 775 km (from Vejle) to get down and try the world’s largest race track, which also has the nickname The Green Hell. The name was given by former F1 world champion Jackie Stewart after he was trying to tackle this monster of a track, which was then used for the F1 race.

The track is probably one of the most demanding tracks, due to its lengths, but also the way the track is built high up in the Eifel mountains with its huge elevations. Sharp, blind, and slippery bends and curves, all mixed with the unpredictable way the track can change its surface due to weather conditions.
All in all, it’s a very tough track, that sets a very high demand on both the driver and the car, which both get pushed to the absolute limits IF you drive your car hard. E.g for track days or other events.

But keep in mind, on a normal day with tourist drives, it’s a public road – yes, you can drive fast, very fast. But we also recommend you just to take your time to enjoy the amazing landscape the track goes through. It is absolutely stunning! And before going onto the track, try to keep in mind, how much history there’s been made on the track. – If the barriers could speak 😉

NOTE: Kepp in mind, the track also shows absolutely no mercy, considering that since its opening it has taken more than 200 lives. So you absolutely need to take the track very seriously! And not only be aware of your own driving, but definitely also how other drivers behave on the track.

Have fun, but most importantly – stay safe. You won’t impress anyone when ending up in the wall.